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So, this happened. So basically, I’m dyslexic and I have this thing called a reader. My reader comes with me to lessons and stuff and helps me in exams and shes so lovely. Her husband is working with Benedict on Richard III and had asked him to get me a little something from him.

This is what I got. I am so happy, it ridiculous. I have cried so much.

It is a large picture of him with a little message for me on there and its signed by him.

The message says: “Hannah, Be gold, beautiful and strong. Be yourself! Lots of love, Benedict Cumberbatch.”

I cannot describe how happy I am!!

aww How very sweet! *melts* (thanks to @BCumbz_Hiddles for the heads up)

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It’s 7.15 on a Saturday morning, and Benedict Cumberbatch is trying but failing to leave his Hampstead home and jump into a car to the airport. He keeps forgetting stuff, running back in, grabbing more things. ‘I’m useless at getting into a car. I always think of five things I have to have before I leave. It’s like threshold anxiety!’ By this interview, in which Benedict is actually my grandmother (via whykhan)